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Combi steam oven Retigo O 611 i, used.

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Capacity GN 1/1 (530x325 mm) - 7 pcs.
Distance between baking sheets: 65 mm.
Dimensions: 933x786x863 mm.
Power: 10.2 kW.
El. voltage: 400 V.
Digital control panel.
5-speed bidirectional fan.
Automatic washing, hand shower and 4-point thermal probe.
Convection: 30-300 °C.
Combined mode: 30-300 °C.
Steam: 30-130 °C.
Regeneration / banquet system - giving out more portions in a short time
USB interface-Easily transfer data to and from the combi steam oven.
LAN-the ability to connect to the network, communication via the Internet.

Included: stainless steel stand, capacity GN 1/1 - 16 pcs.

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